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Hello, my name is Adeline Da Silva and I’m studying at the EBS business school Paris. I like marketing and management. In my future I want to become a successful business woman and build my own company. I like dancing and singing. I am dynamic, I like challenging myself and always be under the best I am open minded, emphatic and think that time work is the way to success, that’s made me a good leader. I expect from my life that I made or help something or someone, I want to let my footprint on earth.

First of all, I decided to make my discovery day in Fisherman's Wharf, because it was one of the only places in San Francisco that I hadn't yet discovered. To start to go there I took the Cable Car, a great and original mode of transportation for a stranger a mix of train and bus without door. Once I arrived at Fisherman's Wharf I walked all along the sea, I wet my feet but the water is very cold, I could see alcatraz and the golden bridge in the distance, it's very pretty, I interviewed a tourist who had already visited Alcatraz she told me that it was very interesting but not much to see so I can't wait to go. Then I went to eat in out burger at Fisherman's Wharf as advised by the school to taste the best hamburgers of San Francisco, it was very good I was not disappointed. I noticed that there are a lot of tourists in this part of San Francisco, I asked them how they found the people of San Francisco, they all answered me very kindly very open and sociable, that's the same opinion as me.

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